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There are no associations without members, and GAO is no exception. By supporting this Cause, you are providing assistance to the just national aspiration for the restitution of the territory of Olivença.

Only with a strong and representative association can we effectively maintain a vigilant and continuous oversight of diplomatic, political, and economic relations between Portugal and Spain. This allows us to intervene with relevance and timeliness in defense of Portuguese interests, continuously engage with authorities from both countries, and assert our rights with determination while demanding the fulfillment of commitments never honored by the Spanish state.

Together we are stronger! Together we make a difference!


The minimum annual fee is 15.00 euros, an almost symbolic contribution that reflects the members' support for our association. This contribution, constituting the majority of its revenue, enables us to carry out our normal activities. Each member can set their fee at the desired amount, above the minimum specified.

Online admission procedure:



At the next board meeting, your membership application will be assessed, and subsequently, you will be informed of the processing of your affiliation and the procedure for payment of dues.

If you are not contacted within 15 days after submitting your membership application, we kindly request you to contact us at the following email address: [email protected]


Mobile app

The mobile application facilitates the real-time communication of useful information between our association and its members.

Within the mobile application, members can check their dues, receipts, messages, notices, news, and the activity calendar.

To update personal information, please log in to this website through the reserved members area.




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